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About the QTL Archive

This site provides access to raw data from various QTL (quantitative trait loci) studies using rodent inbred line crosses. Data are available in the .csv format used by R/qtl and pseudomarker programs. In some cases analysis scripts and/or results are posted to accompany the data.

These data are provided as a courtesy to the genetic mapping community and may be used for purposes of developing or testing new analysis methods or software and for meta-analysis of quantitative traits. The authors of the datasets retain individual ownership of the data. We request, as a courtesy to the authors, that you alert them in advance of any publications that result from reanalysis of these data or obtain permission prior to redistribution of data or results.

In all data sets and files, the marker locations have been translated to Cox build 37 coordinates unless otherwise stated.

Please consider contributing your data to the QTL Archive.


The QTL Archive team's email address is:   qtlarchive@jax.org


The QTL Archive is funded by NIH R01 grant GM070683 to Gary Churchill.

About the Churchill Group

The home page for Gary Churchill's group is here.

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